With over 60 restaurants across Canada, Paramount Fine Foods is a fast growing Middle Eastern food chain in Canada. Specializing in Lebanese style cooking, Paramount humbly began just over ten years ago as a lone restaurant in Mississauga but has now grown to feature renowned chefs who bring traditional recipes to the plates of Canadians. With an endorsement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Paramount prides itself in the use of the freshest and finest ingredients in all its dishes. From meats that are high standard Ontario raised to fresh fruits and vegetable dishes which are prepared daily, Paramount does not compromise its quality standards.

Mohamad Fakih, Paramount’s founder, is no stranger to philanthropy. Not only does he establish a sense of team and community among the staff at Paramount, but he believes in giving back to the community. Lending a helping hand to refugees and the needy in the Toronto area, his giving spirit is a reflection of the core values that embody his business. A proud sponsor of The Taste of the Middle East, Paramount Fine Foods is pleased to bring its quality, exceptional service and personal touch to Torontonians.